Thanks so much for writing for me! Some of my prompts are longer than others this year, but rest assured that I'd be equally delighted to receive any one of my requested fandoms. You can browse my general kinks and squicks post and my fic exchanges tag if you want more details. I hope you have lots of fun, and I look forward to seeing what you create!

My signup requests are all for fic, but I'm happy to receive art as a bonus gift (though I'm afraid few of my prompts are at all inspirational as art prompts).

The Bone Key - Sarah Monette

Kyle Murchison Booth/John Pelham Ratcliffe
I love their brief partnership in "Drowning Palmer": how Booth keeps reaching out for human connection despite expecting to be rebuffed every time, and Ratcliffe just takes the whole situation in stride and gives him the support and advice he needs (while indulging his own curiosity, of course). Does Ratcliffe ever pay a friendly visit to Booth afterwards? Do they ever find themselves brought together by work? Or does Ratcliffe get into a supernatural difficulty of his own and ask for Booth's help?

The Brothers Sinister Series - Courtney Milan

Amanda Ellisford/Genevieve Johnson
More about the progression of Amanda's and Genevieve's relationship after their confession and first kiss would be lovely. This is perhaps a little unfair of me, but I like to think that Genevieve's canonical claim that she only knew she was attracted to women because of Amanda is a dirty lie. Maybe she thought Amanda would be scared off by hearing of her previous affaires and/or schoolgirl romances?

Or how does their new relationship affect their social sphere? I can't imagine Genevieve not telling Geraldine about her new romance, but do they keep it secret from their other friends, or do they quietly come out to a trusted few? I'd also be very interested in seeing Amanda and Genevieve become part of a lesbian community. This might mean in London, or it could be as simple as them befriending Minerva Lane's aunts.

The Eagle

Marcus Flavius Aquila/Esca Mac Cunoval
Happy gay farmers or happy gay horse breeders is always welcome. For something a little more fraught, I'd be interested in fic in which Marcus's leg worsens after they return with the Eagle, so that he must rely upon his crutch at all times and limit the amount of walking he does in a day. How does that affect him and his relationship with Esca? Or if you feel like writing something completely different, I've always wanted a Viking AU in this fandom and haven't seen one yet.

Frontier Wolf - Rosemary Sutcliff

Alexios Flavius Aquila/Hilarion
I'm exceedingly fond of tropes for this pairing: fake dating, huddling for warmth, sexswap, bodyswap, etc. I do prefer tropes involving issues of consent (e.g. sex pollen or made-them-do-it) to be as consensual as possible; trope subversion works particularly well for me in those cases.

On the less trope-y side, I'm always up for another variation on why and how Hilarion came to be stationed with the Frontier Wolves. I also love stories about Alexios being a conscientious and effective commander.

The Goblin Emperor - Katherine Addison

Cala Athmaza/Deret Beshelar
The slight friction between Cala and Beshelar in the beginning of the book strikes me as ripe for interpretation, particularly in light of how smoothly and competently they work together afterwards. What sort of history do they have that would cause that reaction? Or how does their relationship change when they're thrown together for hours every day in Maia's service?

Cala Athmaza/Deret Beshelar/Maia Drazhar
I love the somewhat uncomfortable intimacy their respective roles force them into. Maia's determination to make friends with his servants in spite of that is charming and endlessly interesting to me, but does it cause any untold tensions or difficulties for Cala and Beshelar?

Two nitpicky details: 1) If you include anal sex, please don't have Maia bottoming. I think Maia might enjoy it, given the opportunity, but Beshelar's head would explode. 2) You don't have to get into the specifics of their arrangement unless you want to, but please don't write Maia as cheating on Csethiro.

Csethiro Ceredin/Maia Drazhar
I'm so into loyalty kink for this pairing! Csethiro protecting Maia--either with a sword or with her words--would be fantastic. I also love the idea of the two of them having things to teach each other, if you wanted to explore that instead. And this is a little out there, but I love the Wisdom Bridge almost as much as Maia does, if you felt like incorporating it somehow.

Iskryne series - Elizabeth Bear & Sarah Monette

I was intrigued by Hrolleif's assurance to Isolfr that a relationship didn't have to begin perfectly, because wolfcarls can be taught. Grimolfr and Hrolleif had known each other since they were boys, but how did their relationship change and what new difficulties did they face when they became partners?

I'd love to get a glimpse of what the three of them actually do between battles: perhaps something set between The Tempering of Men and An Apprentice to Elves. While the Rhean threat was ever-present, it doesn't seem to have been Franangford's primary concern. What were Isolfr et al. doing in this time, besides raising Alfgyfa? Did the wolfhealls make any progress towards becoming essentially a police force, as was suggested in the second book? Or how did Isolfr end up with his own bedchamber, and what did Viradechtis, Mar, and Kjaran have to say about it? (And does Isolfr sleep in it rarely or often?)

Lynes and Mathey series - Amy Griswold & Melissa Scott

Julian Lynes/Ned Mathey
More of Julian and Ned fumbling towards intimacy and trust despite their self-doubts would be wonderful. Future fic, a missing scene,'s all good.

The Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner

Friends to lovers and/or a brothers in arms dynamic are what I love best about this pairing. Hurt/comfort could be fantastic, if that interests you.

Loyalty kink and/or more of Irene's and Eugenides's terrifying brand of flirtation, please. I particularly like stories in which Costis initially thinks he's no more than an amusement for Eugenides and Irene, but then comes to realize that they actually do care for him.

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street - Natasha Pulley

Keita Mori/Thaniel Steepleton
Post-book fic focusing on their relationship would be the best. I really like Mori's building clockwork (and am especially intrigued by the locust clock) as well as their shared interest in piano playing, if you wanted to incorporate either of those elements.

Katsu & Keita Mori
Anything about the two of them would be wonderful, including a simple domestic scene. If you wanted a more concrete prompt, though: when and why does Mori build Katsu? Or how does Mori react when Katsu returns to him post-canon (as of course he must)?