I'm thinking about running a Star Trek XI gynocentric fic exchange (both femslash and het pairings welcome). The way I see this working best is if all the participants both offer to write and request a minimum of three Reboot pairings/threesomes/moresomes that include one of the five named women with speaking parts in the film: Winona Kirk, Amanda Grayson, Nyota Uhura, Gaila, and Christine Chapel. (Which means that if you only write Spock/Uhura [or McCoy/Chapel, or Sarek/Amanda, or whoever], this is probably not the exchange for you.) The sign-ups will also allow participants to request/offer pairings involving other Star Trek characters such as Number One, Emony Dax, Janice Rand, etc., but those pairings won't count towards the required three pairings.

I'm leaning towards running this as a New Year's exchange, with stories due on December 27th and posted on January 1st, but I'm very open to changing that if a different schedule would work better for people.

If this sounds like something you'd like to participate in, please fill out the poll!

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Other questions, clarifications, opinions? Please comment.
Reply to this post saying 'words' and I will give you five things that I associate with you. Once I've given you the words, make a post in your journal about what they mean to you.

I got rather more loquacious than I was expecting for my own answers. [livejournal.com profile] ninhursag asked me my thoughts on:

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Obviously, I favor a loose interpretation of the term OTP. In a similar vein, if anyone's interested in writing/illustrating/reading for a Star Trek rare pairs fic exchange (meaning pairings other than Kirk/McCoy, Kirk/Spock, Spock/Uhura, and Sulu/Chekov), you should fill out the poll that [livejournal.com profile] gblvr is conducting here. I really want this exchange to happen, so please weigh in on it if this sounds like something you might also enjoy.
There's a certain conversation that I've had with approximately nine-tenths of my real life friends, and that is: "Which characters from Star Trek XI would you have sex with?" The answers have been surprisingly varied (though I'm the only one so far who's answered Keenser), and, because I am nothing if not indulgent of my prurient interests, I thought I'd create a poll asking the same thing. And, no, Keenser is not on the poll (stupid length limits), but if there's anyone else out there who finds him rather attractive, please feel free to let me know in the comments.

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My last week or so of thesis writing went something like this: "Write a couple of pages. Skim a book I should have read three months ago. Write another page. Check lj. Notice all the millions of things I'd rather be doing besides working on my thesis. Sign up for a fic challenge. Go back to writing my thesis."

The upshot of this is that I'm now signed up for three and a half new fic challenges, including two big bangs. (The "half" represents a challenge that doesn't have formal sign-ups, but for which I've submitted prompts and that I intend to participate in.) And, in an effort to spread the terror joy, I thought I'd post links.

The one multifandom challenge is [livejournal.com profile] polybigbang. Currently, most of the participants are from Torchwood or bandom, but there are no restrictions on your chosen fandom. (For the record, I'm planning to write Kirk/Uhura/Sulu.) This is also the big bang challenge that I have some confidence that I might finish, since it only has a 10,000-word minimum. Sign-ups for writers close July 18.

Then there's [livejournal.com profile] startrekbigbang, which I noticed a number of you have already signed up for. 15,000-word minimum. (Aka, nearly twice as long as my longest story to date. Yikes!) Sign-ups for writers and for artists both close July 15.

The Star Trek Genderswap Ficathon is taking prompts until July 8. It's inspired by [livejournal.com profile] liviapenn's Genderswap Recasting--which is a thing of beauty, if you haven't yet seen it--but the ficathon allows you to envision your own characters, as long as it's a fully genderswapped cast (e.g. you couldn't pair a male McCoy with a female Kirk). Anyone can contribute prompts, regardless of whether they plan to write a story for the ficathon, so if you have any great ideas, please throw them that way.

Finally, I'm participating in [livejournal.com profile] cliche_bingo. Sign-ups for that one are already closed, but you can see my bingo card behind the cut. The gold squares indicate stories I've already started writing, and the purple ones are squares for which I've gotten ideas, but haven't written anything. You'll notice that the combination of colored squares makes no acceptable bingo pattern. If anyone has story ideas to suggest for some of the other squares, feel free to share.

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My thoughts on ST:Reboot fanfic, with lots of references to the movie (mostly regarding Kirk, Uhura, and Spock) )

And in non-spoilery news, am I the only person who's a little...disconcerted by the excess of bad language in some of the recent stories? I mean, it's not that I have problems with colorful language, when it's in character. But I can't see Kirk or McCoy casually using the word "fuck" three times in a single sentence. Yes, McCoy curses a fair bit in TOS, but it's generally when he's angry or frustrated, not just as punctuation in his ordinary speech. And Kirk's characterization makes him a better candidate for using bad language on occasion than most of the characters, but I just can't see him doing it to such an extreme. He's an adult--one, moreover, whose career requires him to speak with a fair amount of clarity, precision, and intelligibility--not a performative, rebellious teenager.