Thanks to everyone who recommended stories here. I've included all of the recs except for the self-pimped stories, in which case I included the ones that I've seen recced elsewhere. I also made the somewhat arbitrary decision to set a limit of no more than four stories by any one author, to keep the list from becoming unwieldy. Authors who've written additional stories for one or more of these pairings have links to their websites.

I made an effort to warn for very sensitive topics, but I might have missed a few stories. Corrections, comments, and suggestions are all welcome.

Remus/Harry )

Sirius/Harry )

Sirius/Remus/Harry )
The inspiration for doing this is drawn shamelessly from [ profile] musesfool's SB/RL Must-Read List. In my (partial) defense, I had been compiling lists of fics for these pairings earlier ...just very slowly and lazily.

Since: 1) I can't make pretty, shiny polls, and 2) the pairings in question aren't so popular as to warrant a system of categorization--though hopefully that will change as more people turn onto the lovely subtext in PoA--I'm asking that people submit their recommendations as comments to this post, and I'll tidy it up and make a second post listing all of the recs afterwards. Links to your favorite Sirius/Harry, Remus/Harry, and Sirius/Remus/Harry stories are all very much desired and appreciated.
All Harry Potter, and only drawn from maybe a third of the stories--I started reading from the top down, and then from the bottom up, and I still haven't managed to meet in the middle--because there are so many of them.

Alone, based on Alone by Bounce. The original is a bleak yet moving scene between Sirius and Remus while Sirius is still hiding in the cave. In the remix, a flashback to their days at Hogwarts brilliantly interleaves the scene's action, while a switch to Remus's point of view offers a new perspective on Sirius, post- and pre-Azkaban, and on their relationship. Painfully beautiful, and vice versa.

Ennui, based on Ennui by Halrloprillalar. The fun, sexy, bisexual expansion of the (fun, sexy, and more slash-focused) original story. Various permutations of James, Sirius, Remus, and Lily, managing to be both in character and almost entirely angst-free.

Lightning Has Just Struck My Brain, based on Lightning Has Just Struck My Brain by Mousapelli. As chilling as the original, with a greater emphasis upon the Harry/Neville relationship.

Three Days, based on Three Days by Kest. One of the more derivative of the remixes, yet also one of my absolute favorites; it's amazing how different a story can become in its tone and import with a change in POV and the addition of a few scenes. Three days at Grimmauld Place, this time from Sirius's perspective.

Bittersweet Triumph, based on Triumph of the Last Marauder by Mousapelli. The history of Sirius's motorcycle. Poignant and very believable.
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Safehouse by ferox (Sirius/Regulus) Regulus needs Sirius's protection. Wonderful characterizations of the two of them and of Remus and Snape.

Broomflight by Mad Martha (James/Lily, Sirius/Remus) Though saying that I'm not a fan of het is putting it mildly, I love this story. How Lily stopped hating James. Sweet and funny, and I very much appreciated the fact that Lily's personality comes through as strongly as the boys'.

A Friendly Game of Blackmail by Mireille (Marcus/Oliver) Oliver tries his hand at blackmail. Utterly charming, especially in Oliver's fairly inept attempts at deviousness and Marcus's internal critisism of his technique.
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Evening the Score by Mousapelli (no pairing) Remus impresses upon Sirius the gravity of the prank he played on Snape. Clever and thoughtful, with some disturbing scenes depicting Sirius's childhood and a truly hilarious bit involving James. Remus is wickedly self-possessed in this.

Inadequate, Immobile by Natt (Sirius/Remus) Sirius and Remus at Grimmauld Place. A wonderfully messy, imperfect relationship, complete with bickering and messy, imperfect sex and a great deal of love.

Responsible by Sophie Richard (Remus/Harry) Remus is many kinds of bastard, but mostly he wants to take care of Harry. Harsh and sad, especially in the way the two of them are incapable of connecting with each other. Warning: chan
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Repechage by Fabula Rasa (Snape/Sirius) I don't always enjoy Fabula Rasa's stories--stylistically she's excellent, but I don't always agree with her characterizations, and her stories' structures have a tendency to get bogged down in innumerable plot twists--but I love this one. Snape instructs Sirius in the making of the wolfsbane potion, amidst certain complications. A more believable depiction of this pairing than most, and the interaction between the two of them and between Sirius and Remus is delightful. All three of the characters are very attractively flawed, as well.

It Was Yesterday by Laura Smith (James/Remus) An effective blend of humor and teenaged angst. James and Remus discuss sex.

In Loco Sirius by Llama (Remus/Harry) After Sirius's death, Remus tries to give Harry what he needs. Beautiful and disturbing and desperately sad. Warning: slight issues of consent
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Unspoken by Casira (Sirius/Remus) Sirius can't trust Remus. The depiction of their mutual fear and frustration and despair is heartbreaking, and their half-obscured love for each other only twists the knife deeper.

12.17 by Glockgal (Sirius/Harry) A beautiful melding of words and art. Sirius is lost in the snow, and he's slowly getting colder.

In Rats' Alley by Sullen Siren (gen) Remus watches rats. Much, much more than your typical post-OotP angstfest; this is gorgeous and chilling, and the characterization of Remus is half-sympathetic, half-horrifying.
I wanted to do something fannish for my encroaching birthday and, given the fact that I'm already committed to writing more ficlets and challenge stories and whatnot than is good for my sanity, I'm choosing to recommend other people's fic throughout the month of April instead. There's a tentative plan to rec 2.5 stories per day, since I'm turning 25 this year. That's a total of 75 stories, though, so let's just see how it goes, shall we?

Seventeen by Afrai (Draco/Wilfred Owen) My favorite crossover pairing ever. Her story's amazing, as well: gorgeous imagery and delicate characterizations of both Draco and Owen and of the roles they play in their respective battles.

The Normal by dehkla (Sirius/Harry) Harry watches his godfather and dreams of impossible things. Poignant and hot and devastating. Warnings: bestiality, chan (sort of)

Crack by Zillah (Fred/George) Plausible yet hopeful twincest. George lies awake wondering if they were right to leave Hogwarts. I love this glimpse of the seriousness and gentleness that lies beneath the more extroverted aspects of the twins' personalities.
Real life has been...a bit problematic, lately. The most pertinent problem being that it won't be possible for me to go to school in Milwaukee this coming year; instead I'll be stuck in Madison, working as a grocery store cashier and hopefully taking some classes at the Technical College. At least I like the city well enough, so it shouldn't be an unbearable delay.

In happier news, my sister requested--completely out of the blue, since I had no idea she was interested in slash beyond reading the occasional story of mine--some recommendations for Harry Potter stories to read while she's home for Spring Break. She was rather demanding about it, too; specifically: no incest, no Snape, no cross-generational pairings except for Sirius/Harry (to which I can only say WTF? this is the one cross-gen pairing that doesn't give her the heebie-jeebies, Harry and his godfather?), and preferably a lot of Harry/Draco, Sirius/Remus, and Sirius/anyone-who-isn't-Snape-or-a-kid-besides-Harry.

So I gave her the link to my ETA: now defunct recs page and threw together a much longer list of stories fitting her criteria (now organized by pairing) )

There ended up being a disproportionate number of Sirius/Remus stories; apparently my obsession with the pairing has driven the memory of the numerous Harry/Draco stories I've read out of my head. Also, James/Sirius and Sirius/Harry stories are entirely too difficult to find. I doubt my sister will want any additional recs, but anyone who wanted to share links to stories for either of those pairings (or James/Remus or Remus/Harry; they're good, too) would make me very happy.
Thematically appropriate icon provided by the lovely [ profile] kittywitch.

For [ profile] merry_smutmas, [ profile] mousapelli wrote me Worthy Prey, a delicious, faintly dark Remus/Draco story in which Remus hunts his prey through the rooms of Grimmauld Place.

The chase of course, wasn’t that different from hunting, which Remus had no doubt was why he enjoyed it so much. You caught sight of your prey, scented it, tracked it, seized it, and if all went well, then there was

A little less with the chewing, but then again, sex had a better chance of repeat business than hunting did generally.

There are a number of other snort-out-loud lines (though that one's my favorite), as well as marvelous characterizations--in the form of a quietly dangerous Remus and a snooty Draco--and unapologetically hot sex.

The [ profile] merry_smutmas story I wrote for [ profile] mousapelli (yes, we wrote each other's presents; Mousapelli was one of the participants generous enough to volunteer her services in writing a second story when the person who'd originally been assigned to write for me backed out) can be found at my shiny new Harry Potter website: Home for the Holidays (Sirius/Remus) Sirius knows what he wants for Christmas.

(By the way, if anyone could recommend a good, free site tracking system, I'd greatly appreciate it.)

I've also received an embarrassment of ficlets in the past few days:

To Pieces by [ profile] babyofthegroup (James/Sirius) Filch is on the warpath, and they're just trying not to get caught.

Sirius/Remus by [ profile] callmesandy People said that the Gryffindor Quidditch team always beat the Slytherin team because Sirius Black had been to bed with every member of the Slytherin team and stole their secrets.

James/Remus by [ profile] deepsix Being forced to sit out a Quidditch match might as well be termed cruel and unusual punishment.

James/Remus by [ profile] lcsbanana Remus thinks James's test-taking strategy might have a few problems.

And it's rather past time for me to reciprocate, so: leave a comment with a pairing and either a setting or a plot element or something I can use as inspiration if you'd like a ficlet. I'm willing to write Harry Potter (no OotP characters), popslash, or Lucky Starr. Anyone who actually: 1. recognizes that last fandom, and 2. wants a ficlet written in it, automatically becomes my new best friend for the day.