Thanks so much for signing up to create stories and graphics for me! I participated in this exchange last year and loved it, and I'm really excited for this year, as well.

If you're looking for suggestions on what sorts of stories I like, the first place to look is my general kinks and squicks post. A couple of my preferred tropes are more suited to longer fic than what gets produced for Purim Gifts, so just ignore anything that would necessitate a really plotty story. I tend to prefer slash, het, and femslash to gen, but don't let that worry you if you're a gen writer; I do enjoy gen (especially gen involving queer characters), and I'm more than happy to meet you halfway rather than demand that you write something you'll hate.

Favorite pairings, relationships, and characters in my requested fandoms:

Bend It Like Beckham Jess/Joe/Jules ♥, Jess/Jules, Jess-Jules, Jess

The Good Wife Alicia/Kalinda ♥, Alicia/Will, Diane/Kalinda, Kalinda/Lana, Kalinda/Donna, Alicia-Diane, Alicia, Kalinda, Diane, Wendy, Eli

Numb3rs Don/Charlie/Amita ♥, Don/Charlie, Don/Amita, Amita/Kim Hall, Don-Charlie, Don-Charlie-Alan, Amita, Don

Sherlock Sally/Molly, Sally, Soo Lin

I also have a somewhat inexplicable passion for the idea of Lestrade as a French Jew whose family immigrated to England sometime in the late-19th to mid-20th century. If you wanted to explore that in a gen or slash story (my favorite Lestrade pairings are Sherlock/Lestrade, John/Lestrade, and Sherlock/John/Lestrade), then that would be completely awesome. If you're not up for religion-bending and/or don't think it in keeping with the spirit of Purim Gifts, however, then any of my other Sherlock pairing or character requests are more than welcome.

Favorite relationships and characters for graphics (if you're choosing to create art or icons; ignore the following if you're going the pretty photographs route):

Jess-Jules, Jess, Alicia-Kalinda, Kalinda, Diane, Don-Charlie, Amita, Don, Sally
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