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( Jan. 11th, 2017 09:43 pm)
What I just finished

A ridiculous amount of m/m romance. In the past week, I've read seven novels, four novellas, and one short story. I don't know; it just kind of...happened. In rough order from best to worst, and cut for length:

Joanna Chambers, K. J. Charles, J. L. Merrow, Alex Beecroft, Ava March )

What I'm reading now

It's a secret. :-)

What I'm reading next

Hugo nominations are due in a little over two months, and my current ballot contains exactly one novel, one novella, and one novelette. (At least I'm good on short stories.) So very soon I need to start reading SFF published in 2016, and lots of it. If anyone has novella or novelette recs to share, I'd be appreciative.