Thanks so much for writing for me! I really enjoyed participating in Trick or Treat last year and am looking forward to doing so again. I hope you have a lot of fun, too!

My signup requests are all for fic, but I'm happy to receive art as a bonus gift.

With one exception, I have a strong preference for Tricks that either 1) use supernatural horror tropes in a non-horrific fashion, e.g. werewolves who retain their humanity while shifted, or 2) involve scary supernatural threats that are soundly defeated by the protagonists for a happy ending. The one exception is Dark Matter, where I'd prefer canon-level horror.

Particularly relevant to this exchange: I like werewolves, ghosts, and witches; am generally disinterested in vampires but can be persuaded if the fic is awesome; and do not want zombies. Regarding Treats, I like anything from G-rated fluff to hardcore porn, but don't care for PWPs; I like some sort of character and/or relationship development along with my smut. If you want further details on my fic preferences, you can check out my general fic kinks and squicks post or browse my fic exchanges tag.

The Bone Key - Sarah Monette
Kyle Murchison Booth, John Pelham Ratcliffe

I love their brief partnership in "Drowning Palmer": how Booth keeps reaching out for human connection despite expecting to be rebuffed every time, and Ratcliffe just takes the whole situation in stride and gives him the support and advice he needs (while indulging his own curiosity, of course). Does Ratcliffe ever pay a friendly visit to Booth afterwards? Do they ever find themselves brought together by work? Or does Ratcliffe get into a supernatural difficulty of his own and ask for Booth's help? I ship the two of them, but intimate gen with a canonical feel is also very welcome.

Dark Matter - Michelle Paver
Gus Balfour, Jack Miller

Something as creepy and sad as the book would be perfect. I'm particularly intrigued by the idea--as voiced by Jack at the end of the book--of Gus becoming another Gruhuken ghost. A missing scene from the expedition--either Gus's or Jack's POV--would also be great. I'd prefer a Gruhuken setting, but if you have a great idea that requires a Caribbean setting, go for it. Ghost(s) and an unhappy ending, please!

The Eagle | The Eagle of the Ninth (2011)
Marcus Flavius Aquila, Esca Mac Cunoval

Esca & Marcus: Esca falls in love, and Marcus worries that his and Esca's relationship will suffer for it. Spoiler: It doesn't. (Esca/OMC)

Marcus/Esca: Happy gay farmers or happy gay horse breeders is always welcome. For something a little more fraught, I'd be interested in fic in which Marcus's leg worsens after they return with the Eagle, so that he must rely upon his crutch at all times and limit the amount of walking he does in a day. How does that affect him and his relationship with Esca? Or if you feel like writing something completely different, I've always wanted a Viking AU in this fandom and haven't seen one yet.

Werewolves. Kelpies. Any other British or Roman supernatural creature you're interested in. I don't really care for creature!fic in which Marcus or Esca is the creature in question (with the notable exception of werewolf fic, where I love it).

Hexworld - Jordan L. Hawk

I know he's barely appeared in the series so far, but Isaac's my faaavorite. (What can I say? He's a queer Jewish character with an angsty past. Hawk would've had to work hard to make me not love him.) I'm especially interested in the disaster that was Isaac finding his witch; or friendship fic about Isaac and Cicero--backstory, future fic, or anything in between; or Isaac's POV on the events of Hexbreaker; or first time fic involving Isaac finding himself a newer, better witch--either Bill Quigley or an OMC, it's up to you.

Integrate - Thea Hayworth

(On the assumption that anything starring a tentacle shark alien counts as a Trick by default.)

Sezin: I'd love an exploration of what it was like for Sezin to go from living in a hirsa community to having fairly intimate daily interactions with strange, hairy, too delicate aliens.

Gavin/Sezin: Anything, really. :-) Pre-canon fic about their developing partnership and/or about Gavin being marked as Scald and Sezin's feelings about that. A retelling of any part of "Integrate" from Sezin's POV. Future fic about their developing relationship. Meeting the family. Tentacle porn + feelings.

Lynes and Mathey series - Amy Griswold & Melissa Scott
Cordelia Frost

Miss Frost is hands down my favorite character in this book: competent, intelligent, highly sensible, and not quite what people expect her to be. I'd love a story about her university days, or her life outside of the office, or the progression of her career.

If you want to write a Trick, then Miss Frost having to deal with a mysterious supernatural threat of her own would be excellent.

Background Julian/Ned is very welcome, as is Miss Frost/OFC.

The Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner
Kamet, Costis Ormentiedes

Kamet: Backstory about his time as a slave; you can focus on the good parts, e.g. his justified pride in his accomplishments and/or his friendship with Laela, or on the bad parts, or a mix. (No het and no rape, please, though canonical levels of creepiness from Nahuseresh is okay.) Or Kamet finally gets glasses. Or Kamet makes himself at home in Magyar...and if you wanted to focus mostly on alt!Hungary worldbuilding, that's cool, too.

Costis: I'm oddly charmed by Costis the naturalist--even if he has an ulterior motive in developing that interest--and would like to see more. Or Costis's reactions to more Ennikar and Immakuk stories.

Kamet/Costis: Post-canon first time fic, set either in Attolia or their house in Magyar, would be fantastic. I loved reading about the different sets of expectations that they're working with and would love to see that explored further. Also, getting to see Costis's thoughts on Kamet would be great, since Thick as Thieves focused so strongly on the reverse.

Aristogiton/Costis: Friends to lovers and/or a brothers in arms dynamic are what I love best about this pairing. Good-natured mockery of each other is a definite plus. Alternatively, hurt/comfort could be amazing, if that interests you.

Obviously, Kamet or Costis or both have to encounter a real ghost. :-)

The Watchmaker of Filigree Street - Natasha Pulley
Grace Carrow, Katsu, Keita Mori, Thaniel Steepleton

Grace: Grace doing science in Japan! Does she ever make a breakthrough discovery and establish her scholarly reputation?

Katsu: When and why does Keita build Katsu? Or any cute domestic scene involving Katsu would be great: Katsu and the people he lives with, Katsu and socks, etc. I'm also amenable to fic in which Katsu moonlights as the world's most adorable sex toy.

Keita: If you're up for a challenge, I'd love to read a story from Keita's POV. Outsider POV or a loose 3rd person POV are also perfectly fine, though. I really like Keita's building clockwork and am especially intrigued by the locust clock; what was its original purpose and does it get repurposed as something important post-canon?

Thaniel: I'm interested in Thaniel's work as a telegraph operator, if you wanted to explore that.

Keita/Thaniel: Post-book fic focusing on their relationship would be the best. Maybe more about how Keita's abilities affect their lives together. Or domestic fluff involving Keita and Thaniel forming a family with Six (and optional Katsu when he returns).

(Note: Katsu's the only one of my requested characters for whom I'd like a Trick in this fandom.)

On his way home, Katsu encounters a Lovecraftian horror. No permanent psychological injury or character death, please!
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