Thanks for offering to write in one or more of my requested fandoms! If you want a better idea of what I like, you can check out my general fic kinks and squicks post. Particular to Purim Gifts, I've listed my favorite pairings in the fandom details below, but all five of these fandoms are ones in which I'm very happy to receive gen fic about any of my favorite characters. And do have fun with whatever you decide to write; I'm sure I'll love it!

Big Hero 6
I adore GoGo Tomago! I'm pretty OTP-ish in this fandom: GoGo/Wasabi is my only real ship. But I'm also very happy to read gen about GoGo and/or Honey Lemon and/or Aunt Cass, especially fic that delves into their unique interests. The absolute best thing about this movie for me is how it validates intellectual passion. And I also love fic about characters cooking and/or eating, so Aunt Cass is totally covered, too.

Captain America (Movies)
My favorite eligible characters are Natasha and Peggy, though Maria Hill is also amazing and I liked what little we saw of Sharon Carter. Preferred ships include Natasha/Sam, Sharon/Natasha, Bucky/Steve/Natasha, Bucky/Steve/Natasha/Sam, and Bucky/Peggy/Steve. Oh, and Bucky & Peggy friendship fic would be great, too; I don't understand why there's so little of that out there.

Loki: Agent of Asgard
I assume anyone offering this fandom for Purim Gifts is cool with the idea of writing Verity Willis, so I'll just say: yes, Verity fic for me, please! I don't ship Loki/Verity, but their friendship is awesome and I'd love to see more of it. Background Loki/Sigurd is cool but extremely optional; I really do want the focus to be on Verity (& Loki).

Nobuta wo Produce
Mariko's my absolute favorite, though I also love Nobuta a lot, and I'm charmed by the unlikely understanding Bando shares with Nobuta. Preferred ships are Nobuta/Mariko, Akira/Mariko, and Shuuji/Nobuta/Akira.

Pacific Rim
I love both Mako Mori and Sasha Kaidanovsky; highly competent, professional women ftw! I haven't read the comic, so please don't rely heavily on characters, plot points, etc. from it. Preferred ships are Sasha/Mako and Raleigh/Herc/Mako.