Thank you so much for participating in this exchange and for offering one or more of my requested fandoms! A couple of important things I wanted to tell you:

* Optional details are optional. I've tried to offer at least one possible hook for a story in each of my requests because that's how I like to write for exchanges, but if your creativity is sparked in other ways, or if you just don't like any of my suggestions, then feel free to ignore them and write a different story for those characters.

* I'm chattier about some of my requests than others this year. Please don't think that this indicates a preference on my part for one fandom over another. I promise, I'd be equally thrilled to receive a story in any of these fandoms.

If you want a better idea of the type of stories I like, you can read my general fic kinks and squicks post and/or check out the fandom details below:

Death by Silver - Amy Griswold & Melissa Scott
Cordelia Frost
Miss Frost is hands down my favorite character in this book: competent, intelligent, highly sensible, and not quite what people expect her to be. I'd love a story about her university days, or her decision to clerk for Ned, or her life outside of the office. Gen fic or background romance only preferred.

I haven't read A Death at the Dionysus Club yet, but I'll have done so by Yuletide. Feel free to include or ignore canon from the new book in your fic; whatever works for you.

ETA: I've read ADatDC now and enjoyed it very much! Everything I said above regarding this fandom still stands, though if you want an additional prompt inspired by the new book, I'd be interested in future fic exploring Miss Frost's career path. And if you do end up including some background romance, Miss Frost/OFC is very welcome.

The Goblin Emperor - Katherine Addison
Cala Athmaza, Deret Beshelar
Slash, please. The slight friction between Cala and Beshelar in the beginning of the book struck me as ripe for interpretation, particularly in light of how smoothly and competently they work together afterwards. Some questions you might consider: What sort of history do they have together? How do Beshelar's and/or Cala's opinions of each other change when they have to work so closely together in Maia's service? How does Maia's determination to be friends with his servants affect the two of them, either individually or together?

Imperial Radch series - Ann Leckie
Seivarden Vendaai
Seivarden is such an excellently flawed character. I'm most interested in the years before [using canonical pronouns here] she (re-)encounters Breq, and especially the progression of a proud/arrogant person's losing so much while still retaining enough of herself to be redeemable. Anything that focuses on her life would be awesome, though, whether during her captaincy or childhood or the present. No romance, please!

I'm rereading Ancillary Justice right now and realized that I said "captaincy" in my prompt where I should have said "lieutenancy"; i.e., I'd also be happy to receive fic set during the time period in which Seivarden was assigned to Justice of Toren. Really, though, the timeframe matters less than Seivarden's characterization. I just want more of Seivarden being kind of a dick with some underlying--and at times deeply hidden--good qualities.

And again, I haven't read Ancillary Sword yet, but I will soon. Ignore or include canon from the new book as you please.

Iskryne series - Elizabeth Bear & Sarah Monette
Isolfr, Skjaldwulf, Vethulf
Triad fic, please! I liked how The Tempering of Men developed Skjaldwulf's and Vethulf's side of the triangle, but I think that all three men have a long way to go before they're entirely settled in their relationship, and I'd love to see some of that process.

I've written reviews of A Companion to Wolves and of The Tempering of Men that discuss most of what I love best about this series, though I seem to have inexplicably left the brewing conflict between the Norse and Roman analogues off my list of what makes these books my jam. If any of those story elements pique your interest, as well, I'd be delighted to see it/them explored further.

Nobuta wo Produce
Kotani Nobuta, Uehara Mariko
Femslash, please. A sweet first time story would be awesome; their friendship is so heartwarming, and I'd love to see Mariko in a happy romance and to see Nobuta grow even more into herself post-series.

One of my favorite things about Nobuta wo Produce is how so many of the characters learn from each other, and it would be great to see that repeated by having Mariko learn something from Nobuta. Or you could write (happy!) coming out their parents or Shuuji and Akira or both, or moving in together fic, or Mariko teaching Nobuta how to cook fic, or etc.

I now feel the urge to mention that despite the fluffiness of the above prompts, porn is still absolutely welcome in this fandom (as long as it's not a PWP), though of course it's not necessary.

Nova - Samuel R. Delany
Katin Crawford, Pontichos "The Mouse" Provechi
Slash, please. This book is such fun, and Katin and the Mouse and their unlikely friendship were my favorite parts of it. I'd love to see what happens to them after the novel's end.

First time fic would be awesome, though I'm also hugely fond of established relationship stories in which there's a shift in the dynamics of the relationship, e.g. fuckbuddies becoming lovers/partners. I'm also very interested in what the Mouse is up to while Katin's writing his novel. Anything exploring their romantic relationship and/or their universe would be great, though, whether it's domestic slice-of-life or politics or another adventure.

As far as I can recall, there aren't many (any?) physical descriptions of Katin in the novel, but I've always headcanoned him as being black, mostly because he struck me as something of an authorial avatar. (This isn't a criticism, btw. I adore Katin, and if part of what I adore in his characterization is cribbed from Delany's own life, then that's just fine by me.)