Thanks so much for writing for me! This is my first time participating in Sutcliff Swap, and I'm very excited. I hope you have a lot of fun with your story; I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with.

I was a bit pressed for time when filling out my sign-up, which is why I put nothing down for my optional details, but basically: I like happy (or at least hopeful) endings, friendship, loyalty, determination, cooking and/or eating, people being smart, people being competent, platonic bedsharing, non-platonic bedsharing, pining, unrequited love that turns out to be requited, hurt/comfort, kissing, masturbation, mutual masturbation, frottage, intercrural sex, intergluteal sex, oral sex, talking during sex (not dirty talk, just ordinary conversation), first-time fic, established relationship fic in which there's some sort of shift in the dynamics of the relationship, mild angst with an eventual happy ending, BDSM, watersports, worldbuilding, cultural differences, historical details, werewolves, backstory, missing scenes, future fic, third person POV, and past tense.

The things I don't like are breathplay/asphyxiation, vore/cannibalism, scat, emetophilia/vomit, heavy angst, parent-child incest, dialogue-only fic, no dialogue, epithets (e.g. the blond, the taller man, the younger man), the phrases "to his [or her] credit," "had the grace to," and "took him[self] in hand," PWPs, second person POV, and AUs. Supernatural elements are absolutely fine, as long as they don't contradict canon. I'd prefer if you could avoid non-canonical character deaths; I feel that Sutcliff's put my heart through the wringer quite enough, and I don't need to compound that feeling. :-) Also, please no Eagle of the Ninth references. (I imprinted pretty hard on the film, and I'd rather not be tossed out of the fic by details from book-only canon.)

Frontier Wolf
I adore both these characters. Alexios is hands down my favorite Sutcliff protagonist, and Hilarion is awesomely funny and endearing. And I purely love how open their canonical relationship is to 'shippy future fic.

I don't 'ship Alexios/Cunorix, though I think there's basis for reading one-sided romantic attraction from Alexios, which makes for a very reasonable source of angst in a later Alexios/Hilarion relationship.

For more specific ideas: 1) Werewolves are completely awesome in this fandom. I'd love to see werewolf!Hilarion in particular, but there are plenty of other options, as well. (And I realize that this pairs an unusual trope with an unusual kink, but Frontier Wolf werewolves + watersports would make my year.) 2) Future fic focusing on Alexios's new command, and on his building a new self-image of himself both as someone who has done/is capable of doing the "right thing" and as someone whose closest relationship is with someone within the army hierarchy rather than an outsider.

Sword at Sunset
Despite my general preference for happy endings, this is a fandom where I don't care if you destroy me even further. Anything that focuses on these two (or even on Levin after Gault's death) is fine by me; I just want more. Possible prompts: 1) First-time fic. Were they already together by that scene in the monastery, or did their relationship turn romantic after that? Did they begin as friends with benefits or did they fall in love first and sleep together second? How did their perceptions of themselves and each other change as they realized that this was it for both of them, that they weren't ever going to marry and/or have children? 2) Gault's death and/or the aftermath from Levin's perspective. 3) Levin's slow starvation and his suicidal journey to relay the vital message that Artos's camp needed supplies.

The Truce of the Games
What I most want is future fic in which they (post-Peloponnesian War?) become romantically involved. But really anything about Leon and his life would be awesome; I love the story, but in a way it seems too easy to have it be from Amyntas's perspective, and I'd really like to see more from Leon's/the Spartan POV. Actually, if you were interested, you could just do a remix of Sutcliff's story from Leon's perspective, and I'd be happy as a clam.
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